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5 Ways a Biotechnical Digester Could Benefit Your Business

Do you make more than 1 tonne of food waste per week? Then we can make you money

Digester (1)If you produce food waste or other organic waste such as sewage sludge, unseparated organic waste, contaminated organic waste or meat/animal by products, then a Biotechnical digester could be the answer for you.

By feeding a proprietary digester instead of a bin, within 24 hours the waste will be turned into a product that is between 20 – 30% of the original volume and highly valuable as a fuel to supplement a biomass unit or put to other uses, such as soil enrichment.


1. Reduce Your Energy Bills

Do you have a need for heating or cooling on site? Then a biomass unit is exceptionally cost effective as you are creating free fuel, this feeds your biomass boiler, which then drives your hot water, heating or cooling requirements.

If you do not require the biomass option, the digestate could still benefit you. It is rich in nutrients, meaning it can be blended to help turn unproductive land into a fertile environment and reduce your costs.

Either of these options would reduce the disposal costs to zero!

2. Reduce Waste Collection Costs

Within 24 hours food waste will be turned into a product that has reduced by 80% of the original volume. The beD200 & beD400 machines are simple to use and are fed manually by the operator.

Digester end productThis is what is typically left of food waste after 24 hours….



3. Improve Your Green Credentials

Even if you choose not to have biomass option, the end product can go on to an AD plant. Meaning none of the waste will go to landfill thus reducing your company’s carbon footprint.

4. Reduce Your Carbon Emissions

The volume of waste is substantially reduced, therefore far fewer lifts are required. One example company went from 3 lifts of five bins per week, down to 1 lift of three bins per week.

5. Improved Hygiene

Our customers have reported little to no odour, thanks to a carbon filter. No waste containers are required, the food waste can be fed directly into the digester, therefore eliminating the risk of vermin, and no more food containers to clean.

The Biotechnical Digester On Site

We have recently installed a beD400 on a site producing a large amount of food waste. The customer is already reporting that they have reduced their waste collections from fifteen 240 litre wheelie bins per week down to 3! That is a huge 80% reduction. This waste was all going to a landfill, now the remaining product is going to an AD plant, improving their green credentials. The other advantages the customer has reported are: low odour; easy to operate; and minimal maintenance is required.

Processing the waste in this way has not increased labour hours, as the out of date food contained in cardboard packaging, with a film window, can be fed directly into the digester, packaging included! The digester then breaks down the cardboard, along with the organic waste and they are left with a small shrivelled piece of corn-starch film – no problem for the AD plant as they can process this.


Could your business benefit from a Biotechnical Digester? If so, then contact us today on 01823 665541.





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