6 of the Best Waste News Stories from the Web

Pumpkin Waste News

1. Pret Trials Plastic Bottle Reduction

One milllion plastic bottles of water are bought around the world every minute, with most of these ending up in landfill or in oceans! 

In an effort to reduce plastic packaging waste, the three Veggie Pret stores are trialing filtered water stations.  

The aim is to understand if customers will choose to refill a bottle rather than buying a new plastic one, says Clive Schlee, CEO of Pret. “Pret has always tried to lead on food waste – we’ve been donating our unsold food to the homeless every night since our first shop opened more than 30 years ago.”

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2. 7 million Halloween costumes ended up in the bin last year!

Last year 33 million adults and children dressed up for Hallowe’en. 71% of us buy costumes from supermarkets and 4 in ten of the total amount of costumes only get worn once!

7 million ended up in the bin last year and with projections that more of us will be dressing up this year, that figure could rise.

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3. Head and Shoulders wins UN award for first beach plastic shampoo bottle

Head & Shoulders, the world’s biggest shampoo brand, has received a UN Climate Change award for the first commercially produced shampoo bottle made using beach plastic.

Momentum for Change is an initiative spearheaded by the UN Climate Change secretariat to shine a light on the activities underway across the globe that are moving the world toward a highly resilient, low-carbon future. Momentum for Change recognizes innovative and transformative solutions that address both climate change and wider economic, social and environmental challenges. This year there were 19 awards given out to companies who provide these solutions. 

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4. WEEE operators launch sector forum 

A number of the UK’s WEEE Approved Authorised Treatment Facility operators have formed a representative body to provide a voice for the sector in discussions with enforcement Agencies and Government. 

AATF Forum members account for over 80% of WEEE recycling in the UK and it is expected that the forum will provide the authorities with a single point of contact for WEEE specific issues. 

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5. 18,000 tons of edible pumpkins binned every year

Every year this statistic gets thrown around and it is the scary fact the Hallowe’en is growing in popularity and so is the waste that comes with it. According to research by the Pumpkin Rescue campaign only a third of us in the UK who carve pumpkins choose to cook with them. So why not scoop out the insides and turn them into a soup, stew or pie. 

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Here’s what I did with the insides of mine this year….. and it was easy and delicious!

 Pumpkin and Ginger Loaf Recipe

6. Ditch the plastic straws

Wetherespoon’s are leading the way here and have stopped providing plastic drinking straws in their chain of pubs. Wetherspoon’s  claims that the move will stop 70m plastic straws finding their way into landfill or the world’s oceans every year. But so much more still needs to be done, as scientists are warning that plastic pollution risks near permanent contamination of natural environment.

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