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AD & Biogas Expo Roundup

We had a fantastic time at this year’s UK AD & Biogas and World Biogas Expo and relished the opportunity to discuss our equipment, helping people to find the right solution for their business.

UK AD & Biogas and World Biogas Expo

Drying Plants

In response to the demand from our visitors to last year’s exhibition, we are delighted to say we have added The Flexidry by Green Creative to our range! The FlexiDry depackages organic waste to optimise its transformation into resources. It separates organic waste from its packaging, without water and without grinding. After removing the packaging with a FlexiDry , the organic soup’s average rate of contaminant on dry matter is less than 0.2% .

Bio QZ

The Bio QZ was once again another big talking point. This highly versatile machine is able to deal with a variety of waste. It removes packaging material and breaks down the cell structure of the substrates, thereby providing the bacterial strains with a substantially larger contact surface. This accelerates and intensifies gas formation measurably. Thus, the duration of the overall process is greatly reduced, while the efficiency of the biogas plant can be increased by more than 30%.


The Pelletiser made its second appearance at the exhibition this year and received another great response with enquiries about pelleting a range of materials from digestate to RDF. We are able to provide machines tailored to a variety of raw materials including; animal feed, biomass, biogas plant digestate and fertilizers. The Pelletiser is a fantastic way to add value to your waste.

Runi Dewatering / Depackaging

Always a favourite, the Runi SK370 for dewatering was once again a talking point. This highly effective dewatering/depackaging machine continues to be one of our most popular pieces of equipment. It can enhance your AD plant by producing an additional valuable feedstock and reducing the weight and volume of the remaining packaging by 50%. During trials, when processing 2.6 tonnes of food waste in plastic packaging, weight reduction was calculated at 54.7%. This equates to 9 Dolav-type bins of waste being reduced to 2 bins!


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