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Brewers Grain - turn waste to value

Dewatering Brewers Grain

Brewers Grain has had a lot of press recently, as different companies try different uses to save this nutrient rich by-product from going to waste. 

Our equipment was called on to dewater the spent grains in order for them to be used as animal feed, for cows. For the dewatering process during the trial we used the Vincent CP4, this would be suitable for the amounts of grain this particular site produced, however for a larger site the CP10 would be more suitable. The results of this trial were very promising:

Brewer's Grain dewatering results

The weight was reduced by 75% and the volume by over 50%, resulting in a product that would be suitable as cow feed.


The market value for this product for use as animal feed is around £10 per tonne. 

Dewatered Brewers Grain

To increase the value of the end product the Bio-Processor could be used to convert this into biomass fuel, as pictured above. This has excellent calorific value, of 4681 kcal per kg, rating higher than wood, wheat and coffee and ranking only below peat, see table below. 

Calorific value of biomass fuels inc. Brewer's Grain


By converting the product into a biomass fuel the value would increase to around £160 per tonne, depending where you are in the country. 

Either of these solutions would add value and use to a product that would otherwise be classified as waste. 

If you would like more information on these trials or the solutions and equipment discussed, please call our team on 01823 665541 to speak to Paul.


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