Dewatering Flower Stems

Dewatering flower stems greatly reduces volume of waste for flower distribution centre.

The Vincent dewatering screw press was trialed at a flower distribution centre for a major chain of supermarkets. The centre put together up to 900,000 bouquets per week, with this set to bloom with the the launch of an online service.

The waste product collected for dewatering was mainly bottom stems, from the trimming of the flowers before arranging. Also added to the mix was a bucket of floor sweepings, which included the flowers that fall to the floor. 

Dewatering flower stems

The total of 7 buckets of waste were processed through the Vincent and reduced to 2 buckets of dry matter and 1 bucket of liquid, as shown above.

The Vincent Screw Press is characterised by a screw of progressively reducing pitch which rotates inside a cylindrical perforated screen. Material entering the hopper is subjected to gradually increasing pressure as it moves toward the exit end of the press, forcing the liquid phase to extrude through the screen. Vincent screw presses feature the interrupted screw design. This is in contrast to most other screw presses, which use the continuous screw design. It is only after solids accumulate upstream, in sufficient consistency, that the material in the gap is pushed downstream, to where flighting catches the material. When this happens, material is forced along its way. The result is better dewatering and a more consistent press cake.

The process was only attempted once, so although these are very pleasing results it is possible that they could be improved in future attempts.

The resulting dry product could then be reduced further by going into our Bio-Processor. Within 24 hours the Bio-Processor has been proven to reduce the volume of the initial product by up to 80%. The end product would then be suitable for either soil enrichment or for AD. Reducing the waste even further. 

If your business could benefit from dewatering your waste, call 01823 665541 to speak to Tony. 

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