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Dewatering packaging waste

dewatering packagingDewatering packaging is highly beneficial for businesses. Removing excess water from products such as PET bottles and Aluminium cans allows them to be crushed more effectively. Once crushed, the resulting waste takes up less space, which in turn helps reduce transportation costs when selling for recycling. Other applications ideally suited to dewatering packaging, include:

  • Food waste in AD plants
  • Spoiled/out of date foods
  • Production rejects

These are just a handful of waste applications that the Runi range of compactors are capable of dewatering. This impressive, multi-functional system is also capable of dealing with everything from canned goods through to corn starch bags.

Why dewater packaging?

Dewatering is a valuable process that effectively reduces the weight of waste going to landfill. This means that businesses that produce larger amounts of landfill waste, are able to reduce their Landfill Tax costs.

How dewatering packaging works

The RUNi Screw Compactor uses compaction to efficiently separate out the liquid from dry matter. Full or half empty containers, filled with liquids or food waste, can be easily dewatered.

How have our dewatering machines benefitted real businesses?

During a recent installation at an Aerobic Digestion plant, the Runi was chosen for a client who has several sites that produce biogas. One site receives approximately 45,000 tonnes of commercial and industrial waste per year and produces 2 MW of sustainable electricity.

During the dewatering process, the bio liquid is separated from the packaging. This residual bio liquid is lead into the bio pulper and the reject is compacted. This entire process increased the feedstock for the plant and efficiently reduced the waste volume and weight.

PRM make dewatering packaging easy

PRM recently undertook the complete redesign of an AD plant that processes food waste from domestic and commercial sources. Our in-house, design and engineering team worked closely with the plant to determine the best solution for their specific requirements. Since the installation, the machine has streamlined the plant processes and considerably reduced down time for the entire team.

Contact us today to discuss dewatering packaging waste and how it can benefit your business.


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