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Dewatering Trial at Brewery



We have recently carried out a trial with the Vincent CP4 dewatering screw press at a craft brewery; the purpose of the trial was to dewater spent grains. This was a very successful trial, as demonstrated by the results below. 

Brewery dewatering results

Our aim was achieved, the Vincent removed the excess moisture and therefore reduced the weight, but left enough of the sugars for the remaining solids to be used as animal feed. 

The brewery are contemplating alternative uses for the spent grains. Common uses include baked goods, dog treats and compost. 

Earlier this week an upstart company in the US was in the news for their new product Regrained, which takes spent beer grains and uses them in energy bars.  “The lightbulb moment for Regrained came from this hobby for making beer,” says Dan Kurzrock a company co-founder, “I’ve got this by-product that’s delicious and thought ‘we can build a sustainable enterprise.’”

So whatever the spent grains are used for, it is certainly a product that is worth repurposing. With the use of the Vincent screw press this means it can be an option not just for home-brewers but for all sizes of breweries too. 


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