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Island Waste Transformed by Bio-Processor


Tresco Island waste Bio-Processor

Tresco Island, in the Isles of Scilly, face unique challenges to managing their waste and recycling due to their island location, but for decades they have proudly led the way with recycling throughout the islands. Glass is crushed on-island and used as an aggregate, whilst metal, paper and cardboard are sent to the mainland for recycling and used cooking oil is recycled into Biodiesel. Residual waste is sent to a mainland waste-to-energy plant. Tresco separate their waste religiously and found food waste accounted for 24% of the island’s total waste.

Earlier this year, with support from the European Regional Development Fund, they were able to construct a new Recycling Hub and install a PRM Bio-Processor in there to reduce the volume of food waste.

The P1000 Bio-Processor from PRM utilises a thermophilic bacterial process in the operation. Moist organic material is converted in the digester to a friable, low moisture, low odour, stable product suitable for onward co-composting, anaerobic digestion or where appropriate, biofuel use. The PRM range of Bio-Processors have been proudly designed and built in Somerset, using only parts sourced from within the UK.

This innovative technology will help Tresco to reduce the volume of their food waste by up to 80% in as little as 24 hours. Not only is the volume reduced but the end product will be put to use on the land, meaning no food waste is sent to landfill. The end product is mixed with woodier ingredients and used in the Abbey Garden and woodland area, as a nutrient-rich soil enhancer.

Diana Mompoloki, Estate Director of Tresco Island says: “This process is expected to save about 160 tonnes of methane gas per annum mitigating our contribution to climate change.”

If your business could benefit from an onsite solution to reducing your food waste, then contact us to find out more.



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