LAMMA Exhibition Roundup

Following the great time had by all at the LAMMA exhibition, albeit a little chilly of course, we are pleased to report that we had a successful show, with lot of diverse interest in our equipment. The enquiries came from as far afield as Liskeard to Canterbury to Dundee. Farmers from all across the UK & Irleand were in attendance.

LAMMA Stand Photo

This was our first year exhibiting at LAMMA. This show provided us with the chance to introduce our two newest pieces of equipment: the Pelletiser and BioDigester, to a new audience.  

The BioDigester drew interest from vegetable farmers wanting to recycle their waste, along with some pig and poultry farmers wanting to diversify away from using gas incinerators to dispose of their spent stock. We also had some enquiries from farmers looking for new business opportunities with food waste disposal services.The BioDigester is able to reduce the volume of food waste by around 80% within 24 hours. The resulting product can then be used for soil enrichment, or as digestate biomass, giving you a return on your investment. Or by simply reducing the volume, save you money on your waste collections.

The Pelletiser mainly drew interest from farmers looking for new markets for their waste products. With its ability to turn waste into a valuable fuel or fertilizer, it is no wonder! We have machines tailored for any kind of raw material; animal feed, biomass, biogas plant digestate, fertilizers etc. Available capacities start at 200kg/h up to 2000kg/h.

Following a few enquiries we would like to mention that we would be happy to help if you are in need of maintenance or spare parts for your pelletiser, or any of our equipment for that matter.

If you would like further information on our range of equipment, then please call us on 01823 665541.




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At PRM Waste Systems we are proud of the dedicated product support that we offer. Our team are always happy to answer any questions you may have and will always endeavour to find a solution to your challenge. We offer service and maintenance options for all recycling equipment, not only our own.

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