Moisture Reduction with the Vincent

Dewatering PE Dust

This week we have been utilising our new premises to run an interesting trial with the Vincent CP4. Tony has been at the site working with PE dust. The dust is the resulting residue from the polishing of roll-on deodorant balls. Essentially plastic with a coolant included. This produced a surprising amount of liquid resulting in successful moisture reduction.

View the video here:

The trial produced the following results: Dry solids going into the screw press were 34.31% and the dry solids coming out of the press were 47.68% dry solids. These were promising results.

Wood Flour Moisture Reduction

Another interesting trial that has taken place this month has been the dewatering of wood flour.

Wood flour is a product that is used to absorb waste oil and tallow. The product goes through the screw press, separating the oil from the wood flour. Once the liquid has been removed the solid product can be used again as bio fuel. The one issue with this is that the wood flour is then self combustible, so needs to be treated.

The results of this were promising, with the first trial reducing the oil content by 15%. The goal is now to reduce it by a further 5%. The original product begins at around 40-50% moisture. Our aim is to get it down to 30%. 

One important factor to the success of the trial is heat, we have discovered that it is vital the machine be kept warm. A second trial has been carried out with the temperature of the press increased to 60 degrees. This produced improved results. Further trials are currently taking place, with the temperature of the press and the material both being increased.

The company trialling the Vincent currently produces 1800 tons of wood flour per year, soon to produce an additional 4000 tons per year from a second plant. Once the moisture content of the product is reduced by 30%, the biofuel will be dramatically improved, so the press could be a welcome addition to the new plant.

We will keep you updated on this and further trials here and in our newsletter.

If you have some of your own product you would like to trial with the Vincent screw press, then contact us to discuss. Or to find out more about the Vincent, why not visit us at the LAMMA exhibition the 18th & 19th January 2017.

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