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Monitor, Measure, React with the Bio-Processor for Food Waste

Equipment connectivity is increasingly a key element in improving productivity and optimising usage.  The Bio-Processor by PRM benefits from remote connectivity; our engineers who have designed and manufactured the equipment can interrogate its activity and optimise settings achieving the best possible performance.  Our remote support package identifies any anomalies in feeding or operation and helps to keep your system healthy.

It is this functionality that has seen a residential facility specify the Bio-Processor for inclusion in all new builds and to improve existing facilities to support staff with waste operations.

The Bio-Processor can reduce waste by up to 80% in 24 hours, saving money on waste collections and the resulting substrate can provide value as a soil improver, biomass fuel or be collected by the waste carrier and taken to AD Plants.

Food waste can be a huge financial burden to businesses in both the public and private sector and as a society we are increasingly concerned with our carbon footprint; the Bio-Processor will not only reduce waste volume but the output can be used to fuel your own biomass boiler or simply reduce bin lifts and vehicle movements.

So, whether you are looking for a reduction in food waste costs or an alternative bio-fuel; the Bio-Processor could be the solution for you – contact us today.


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