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Plastic segregation at source is improving efficiency

Could source segregation improve your site’s efficiency?

Knapzak - Plastic Segregation

Our Knapzak Source Segregation system has been on trial at a major nationwide chain of metro food stores and the results are impressive.

The Knapzak holders and bags are appearing in 5 different locations which had never previously segregated their plastic from other waste. The majority of the plastic used is plastic wrap, although some other variations are also included. 

Each site trialed the pannier, which is a specially designed holder that attaches to the sides of a cage and hold one of the Knapzak bags in place, in this case a 200 litre bag. This means that waste can easily and quickly be segregated at the source, in this case on the shop floor.  The cardboard goes directly into the cage and the plastic can be put in the pannier on the side. 

In the past everything was put into the cage, then taken to the back warehouse area. The same member of staff then segregated out the cardboard for recovery and put the plastic with the general waste, resulting in it being sent to landfill. 

Results of Plastic Segregation

Over the course of the 12 week trial the total amount of plastic collected from the 5 trial sites was approximately 15,360 kg. This is based on 256 cages of plastic being collected, each containing 4 bags, holding 15kgs of plastic each. This means that over just 12 weeks 15 tonnes of plastic was diverted away from landfill and instead sent for recycling.

The other great benefit for the sites was the improved staff efficiency. As it was the same staff member who was segregating the plastic in the back of house, who was now segregating directly at the source. Freeing that time to put to another use.   

If plastic segregation or any other type of source segregation could help your site to improve efficiency, contact us here, or call 01823 665541 to speak with Dave.


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