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Polystyrene Recycling Solutions

Clean and efficient solutions for polystyrene waste

Polystyrene waste has been making the news recently, with celebrity chef Ed Baines spearheading a campaign to urge Sadiq Kahn to ban their use in London. Leading names in the food industry including chefs Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Theo Randall, Mark Hix, and food critic William Sitwell call on Khan to outlaw the use of polystyrene packaging products in London.

A spokesperson for the mayor of London has responded by saying: “Sadiq does not have the power to enforce a ban on polystyrene packaging in London but he is extremely supportive of initiatives to help boost recycling and make London cleaner.”

“The problems that come with polystyrene are not exclusive to London. It is estimated that globally around 80 billion polystyrene coffee cups are thrown away each year” Baines claims. It looks like polystyrene is not going anywhere soon, so we must make an effort to reduce how much of this goes directly to landfill.

Simon Ellin, Chief Executive of trade body the Recycling Association, has commented on the campaign saying “Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is a valuable commodity, and contrary to the claims of the chefs, is 100 per cent recyclable. One of the reasons that this material is not always collected by waste management companies is that it is very light and bulky. This means that they cannot justify collecting this material alone, as a single stream.”

The ideal solution to this issue could be the Runi screw compactors. Not only are they able to reduce the volume of the EPS but they are able to turn waste EPS into a valuable commodity. The compactors are our most popular piece of equipment, with companies as far reaching as fish processors in Scotland to supermarkets in central London reaping the benefits.

The Benefits:

  • Reduce volume of EPS waste
  • Save on haulage costs for removal of waste
  • Generate revenue by selling compacted material

Compacting EPS saves storage costs by reducing volume and decreasing the number of waste hauls. The output is stackable or a bag can be fitted to the compactor for a tidier process.

compacting2 polystyrene

EPS is a valuable commodity which when compacted, can be sold to recyclers in order to generate a new income stream for your business. The commodity value ranges between £150 and £350 per tonne, based on the size of the load.

SK120 – Where there is a need to process around 30 boxes per hour

SK200 – Small to medium sized shops or industries that produce 10 – 30 tonnes of EPS per year

SK240 – Recommended for a waste volume of up to 50 tonnes per year

SK370 – The specification and accessories can be adapted for anything beyond 50 tonnes per year

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