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Reduce Landfill Tax with better waste management

Reduce landfill taxLandfill Tax is paid by businesses on the waste they send to landfill. For most waste the current landfill rate is £86.10 per tonne (although this is due to increase to £88.95, from April 1st 2018), which can prove costly for businesses that produce large amounts. To help reduce your Landfill Tax costs, follow these three steps: reduce your waste, reduce the weight of waste and recycle where possible. 

1. Reduce waste 

Review business processes and eliminate any unnecessary waste. Try and identify areas where waste could potentially be reduced through reuse.

2. Reduce waste weight

Some processes can help reduce the weight of your waste, reducing the amount of Landfill Tax you pay.

Organic waste 

  • Feathers can be dewatered, reducing their water content and their weight.
  • Animal by-products can be separated into liquid and solid material by a screw press. The solid material can then be fed to a bio-digester, reducing the waste sent to landfill to zero. Read our blog about abattoir waste for more information.

Inorganic waste

  • Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals can be dewatered and depackaged, reducing their weight.
  • General waste can be processed to separate out any recyclable elements.

3. Recycle waste

Identify all the business waste that could potentially be recycled. Some waste that you may have considered unrecyclable, can be processed to make it suitable for another purpose.

Organic waste

Inorganic waste

PRM can help reduce Landfill Tax costs for your business

Contact PRM for advice or support about reducing the amount of commercial waste sent to landfill.


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