State of the Art Trial Machine Coming Soon

A brand-new state of the art Runi Dewatering / Depackaging Screw Press trial machine will be arriving at our workshop in Wellington, Somerset in April.

RUNI SK370 dewatering

After selling our previous model this will allow us to once again offer the screw press to conduct trials. The press can be delivered to your site, to allow you to trial your product at a time and place convenient to you. When your trial is booked, we will arrange for our Runi expert to Tony to come to your site to set up the equipment and demonstrate how it works. He can also advise how to get most out of the machine when processing your product.


Depackaging and liquid separation is a key process in volume and weight reduction of waste products. The process separates liquid from containers in order for the component parts to be recycled and reused.

The Runi screw compactor is most suited to packaged materials including:

  • Packaged food waste
  • PET bottles
  • Cans
  • PE film
  • Cosmetics

Runi for Food Waste

The Runi dewatering/depackaging machine has also proven effective at separating food waste from its packaging. This is a highly effective process that can enhance your AD plant producing an additional, valuable feedstock and reducing the weight and volume of the remaining packaging.

Trials have typically demonstrated a reduction in weight by 50%.

When processing 2.6 tonnes of food waste in plastic packaging, weight reduction was calculated at 54.7%. This equates to 9 Dolav-type bins of waste being reduced to 2 bins.

Dewatering Organic Materials

If you are looking to process organic, fibrous material such as: raw food waste; fruits and vegetables; tobacco; manure; crops; paper and pulp then the Vincent Screw Press will be more suitable for you.

If you have a product that could benefit from being dewatered or depackaged, then please do get in touch to find out more or to arrange a trial.

Service & Maintenance

At PRM Waste Systems we are proud of the dedicated product support that we offer. Our team are always happy to answer any questions you may have and will always endeavour to find a solution to your challenge. We offer service and maintenance options for all recycling equipment, not only our own.

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PRM Projects

PRM Waste Systems are industry experts in engineering innovative and high tech recycling plants. We work very closely with our clients to create bespoke solutions to meet their specific needs. From initial concepts, design and build and through to delivery, installation and after care, we are with you every step of the way.

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