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Vincent Screw Press Trials and Installations

Paint sludge – CP4 Screw Press Trial

We have recently carried out a trial dewatering paint sludge at an automotive manufacturers. 

Due to its composition paint sludge is classified as hazardous waste and is therefore incinerated or removed. One of the most efficient and cost effective options for dealing with this type of waste is dewatering.

The results of the trial were very promising. The percentage of dry solids of the material entering the trial Vincent Screw Press was 21.09% solids. The Vincent screw press then increased the dry solids to 29.9% solids. The weight of the material was reduced by 29.5% by the press.  

Due to the success of the trial, the customer went on to purchase a larger KP6 Vincent Screw Press. 

Bottle Labels

Another recent successful installation of the Vincent Screw Press was a KP10 into a bottle recycler in the UK. The purpose of the machine is to dewater the pulp from the bottle labels.

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The plastic and glass bottles go though a washing process, which leaves a pulp from the paper and plastic labels that have been washed off. This is a very wet and therefore, heavy product. This pulp goes through a serious of processes before entering the Vincent at the final stage to be dewatered. Giving a fantastic outcome and resulting in a very dry product.

The plant initially carried out a trial with a smaller Vincent CP4, to ensure that they would achieve the results they were looking for, before going on to purchase the more suitably sized Vincent KP10.   

Other applications

These are just a couple of the recent applications that have proved successful with the Vincent, it is also capable of dealing with everything from poultry processing waste to citrus peel. 

If you have a product that could benefit from being dewatered by the Vincent, call us on 01823 665541 to find out more. 



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