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Vincent trial at an abattoir

We have recently conducted a trial with a Vincent CP4 at an abattoir; the purpose of the trial was to dewater belly grass/paunch waste (partially digested food from the stomachs of cows and pigs).


This particular waste poses a problem for the abattoir as the material is difficult to dispose of due to the hazardous nature of the product. Currently the material is being sent to landfill which is costly and a logistical nightmare. However, this could all change, whilst the Vincent was onsite the paunch waste was fed into the screw and compressed to separate the solid matter from the liquid. The liquid can be integrated back into the water treatment system. Whist the solid matter (cake), can then be taken to landfill as they were previously doing but at a reduced volume and therefore reduced cost. In the post-trial cost analysis, the Vincent would significantly reduce the amount that the abattoir is spending on waste collection due to the reduction in weight and volume. The Vincent proved its worth in the trial and left with the client extremely impressed and excited about the prospect of reducing operating costs of the business.

The second stage of the process is to reduce the abattoir to zero-waste status by using the cake from the Vincent to feed a bio digester which would then process the dried cake to create reusable energy. We will keep you updated on what happens in the future but we are extremely optimistic in being able to help abattoirs all over the country reduce their waste and take it further to provide reusable energy!


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