Waste baling – what materials can be baled?

Waste baling what materials can be baledA wide variety of commercial and industrial waste can be baled ready for recycling. The benefits of waste baling include reduced storage space, increased ease of transportation and reduced waste costs. Below we outline just some of the materials that can become more managable (and potentially more profitable) through baling…

Waste baling cars

Waste baling carsEnd of life vehicles can be baled in specialised balers. PRM supply a wide range of mobile and static pre-crusher units, so we can offer the perfect solution for car waste.

Waste baling textiles

Waste textiles can be baled ready for recycling with an auto channel baler.

Waste baling metal

Waste baling metalFrom stainless steel to aluminium cans, a wide range of waste metals can be baled. Some of the solutions PRM offer include, Imabe single, twin and three ram balers. The right solution will depend on the type of metal you need to bale, so contact us today to discuss managing metal waste.

Waste baling Tetra Pak cartons

Following the process of dewatering/depackaging, the waste paperboard from Tetra Paks can be baled, making it ready to be sold for recycling.

General waste baling

General waste can be baled for easy and economical storage and removal. The compact MP600 Mill Size Vertical Baler produces wire tied bales. This makes it a versatile solution for businesses such as restaurants, hotels and factories for baling general waste, paper, cardboard and plastics.

Waste baling cardboard

Waste baling cardboardRevenue from waste cardboard can be maximised through baling, making it ready for recycling. From the Imabe Fully Automatic Channel Baler to the portable Mini Baler, we have the solution. Contact PRM today for more about cardboard waste management.

Waste baling plastics

Many types of plastic can be baled ready for recycling (following any initial separation/processing required). The video below features an example of PET bottles being baled using a Imabe Fully Automatic Channel Baler.

And that’s not all…

Other waste materials that are suitable for baling include…

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