Why our Source Segregation system?

Do you need a fresh idea to sort recycling in an easy and effective way?
Do you keep having to re-sort your recyclables?
Are you looking for a way to increase your recycling rate?


Then look no further than the Knapzak system.

The Knapzak System uses specialised perforated, transparent plastic bags called Knapzaks, along with holders, Knapholders, to help segregate recyclables. Our customers mainly sort plastic and shrink wrap waste with this system. This process is a great tool which allows the waste to be handled only once, as the waste goes straight into the bag, which, once full can be tied off and placed inside the baler. The bags are perforated which makes them perfect for baling as they compress down further allowing more plastic to be baled at a time. This in turn will reduce the costing of the waste collection but also maximise the recycling revenue that it will bring.

We have many solutions from a store level to a factory level. There are various holders that are available, from freestanding holders to warehouse rack holders. The 400L bag is our most popular size which can hold up to 18kgs of plastic/ shrink wrap, however, we can provide various sizes from 60L – 1000L. If you are looking to segregate other material that is not a problem, we have customers who use them for fruit netting, plastic strapping, plastic bottles and other materials, with adequate signage in place the systems work well as it’s easy to use, due to its simplicity.


The feedback that we get back from customers is that the system is; cost effective, clean, quick and easy to use, as well as increasing revenue from recycling from very little input.

PRM Waste Systems understand that every business is different and we believe that we can provide a solution to source segregation with this system, with different coloured bags available, lids, wheels and many other accessories. If you think this is something that your business can benefit from then please do not hesitate to contact us, if required we can also trial this system with you.

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Service & Maintenance

At PRM Waste Systems we are proud of the dedicated product support that we offer. Our team are always happy to answer any questions you may have and will always endeavour to find a solution to your challenge. We offer service and maintenance options for all recycling equipment, not only our own.

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PRM Projects

PRM Waste Systems are industry experts in engineering innovative and high tech recycling plants. We work very closely with our clients to create bespoke solutions to meet their specific needs. From initial concepts, design and build and through to delivery, installation and after care, we are with you every step of the way.

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