Case Studies

PRM Waste Systems have delivered numerous solutions for our valued customers, take a look at our case studies to see how.

PRM successfully provided a recycling plant to process oil filters and oily rags. 

Enva, a leading waste management company in…

RUNI SK370 used to depackage food waste.   

PRM has successfully installed RUNI equipment into an Anaerobic Digestion plant to…

"A sustainable, closed loop system to recycle food waste at Middleton Lodge"

“The biggest and most noticeable difference to the staff is the absence of smelly food waste bins, but the value to the business is a reduction in food waste costs."

"ISS reduce hospital food waste volume by 80% at with the PRM Bio-Processor"

"The best performance is achieved if the clarifier sludge is pre-thickened with a gravity table or a belt press."

"By pressing the manure ahead of the waste lagoon, a farmer can extend the capacity of existing lagoons."

"The final product is fine ground (not pelleted) before being loaded out to a feed mill. At the feedmill, typically 5% is blended into chicken feed."