Optimising an AD Plant

RUNI SK370 used to depackage food waste.   

PRM has successfully installed RUNI equipment into an Anaerobic Digestion plant to depackage/dewater contaminated plastics. 

We can often achieve up to 60% weight reduction on the plastics allowing more organics to be used for digestion and less transport costs on the plastic. 

Gary Jones – Managing Director of Langage AD says “Working with PRM has been simple, it’s taken nothing more than a phone call and a visit.  The machine turned up on time, the sales team have been very good and the communication is great.  I recommend them highly.“

On average the RUNI will compact the plastics by 3 to 4 times; if 4 bins are currently used for disposal then it could be replaced by 1. 

RUNI’s will run for many hours a day, every day of the week with minimal downtime even in the harsh conditions of AD plants.  Our customers can then take advantage of the extra organics and reduced waste disposal costs when they need it. 

“I’ve recommended the RUNI SK 370 to just about every AD plant I know.” Gary continues “the SK370 in our system just sits there trundling along in one of the most horrible environments there is and it’s flawless.”

Find out more about Langage Farm AD plant here: https://www.langagefarm.com/about-langage/ad-plant/

Service & Maintenance

At PRM Waste Systems we are proud of the dedicated product support that we offer. Our team are always happy to answer any questions you may have and will always endeavour to find a solution to your challenge. We offer service and maintenance options for all recycling equipment, not only our own.

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PRM Projects

PRM Waste Systems are industry experts in engineering innovative and high tech recycling plants. We work very closely with our clients to create bespoke solutions to meet their specific needs. From initial concepts, design and build and through to delivery, installation and after care, we are with you every step of the way.

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