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Imabe Pre-Compression Box Shear Baler

This baler features a pre-compression box with two flaps which are designed to increase density when processing low density input materials prior to shearing.

Imabe Pre-Compression Box Shear Baler

Sturdy Fixed Shear Balers

Sturdy design and high quality are the two pillars of Imabe’s fixed shear balers.

Imabe Pre-Compression Box Shear BalerWe offer a range of Flap Pre-Compression Box Shears from 500 tonne to 800 tonne shear force.

Shears come equipped with elevated operator cabin with a full colour mimic panel or remote control so that shears can be operated from an on-site crane. All shears come with Imabe’s high performance hydraulic systems with a low-energy consumption design.

Shears are equipped with a side feeding tray to maximise performance and reduce loading time.

The Flap Pre-Compression box is not able to crush and reduce the volume of heavy scraps as it does not have the addition of a side ram with its greater compaction power. For more bulky items, take a look at our Side Ram Pre-Compression Box Shear Baler.



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