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Introducing the lntelliBale System™

Intelligence You Can See Through


Doubt is no longer a part of the recycling transaction. With the lntelliBale System, you will soon know the exact number of bales you’ve produced by every baler. You will also know the exact weight of every bale as well as when that bale was produced as it’s ejected from the baler. The lntelliBale System notifies you when a specific number of bales have been produced, this allows you to effectively and efficiently manage the logistics of your recyclables more accurately, project your revenues and reduce fuel costs, therefore, helping limit exhaust emissions into the environment.


Data provided by the lntelliBale System enables you to compare recycling trends store to store as well as see seasonal production histories, recycling peaks and valleys. Utilise that information to optimise your resources and to protect your valuable recyclable assets. This also helps control shrinkage, eliminate weight disputes and increase revenues by being certain of the exact amount of material recycled.


Since the lntelliBale System determines the weight of each bale at ejection, you will reduce the need for audit services and therefore reduce costs. You will be able to put the ideal number of balers at every location and make every aspect of the recycling process more lucrative by making it more efficient and accurate.

By affixing a barcode to every bale they can be traced and tracked, eliminating theft, misplacement and confusion. By protecting your assets in this way, the lntelliBale System ensures your recyclables remain a dependable recurring-revenue stream, rather than an expensive un-traceable item.

The lntelliBale System also tracks cylinder strokes letting your company know when preventative maintenance is needed, ensuring your equipment is always available for use, as well as being able to re-order baling wire as it is being used.




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