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The Knapzak Source Segregation System is designed for the effective collection and segregation of materials such as plastic packaging, foil, EPS, PE and PET bottles, as well as cardboard and general waste. Once material has been collected at the source it can be put directly into a baler, which turns a costly waste product into a valuable commodity.

The Knapzak is designed and positioned within organisations to segregate at speed, as well as to a very high standard. The system has been designed to maximise the return on the most valuable of waste streams, whilst reducing contamination by others.

The system being of both low capital investment, as well minimum running costs makes it easy to locate Knapzak in multiple key positions for the height of effectiveness, encouraging segregation at all stages of anKnapzak – Cost Effective Source Segregationy process.

Knapzak Bags

Knapzaks are clear plastic allowing for all users to easily identify the waste stream being segregated at each point, this of course reduces the need for signage and ensures that its integration into any process is as intuitive as it can be.

Clear bags also contribute to improving health and safety records, as each user can see if there are any unsafe materials in the bag they are about to use, as well as reducing finger injuries commonly gained whilst emptying vessels that are not appropriate in the first case.

The Knapzak ensures maximum target area for all users, enabling single handed operation rather than opening and filling a bag with two hands, thus reducing time and improving compliance.

The Knapzak Holders

Each Knapholder can be specified by size to match each location and ensure the best fit. It can also be modified for best practice by utilising a number of accessories including lids, drip trays or wheels.

Specialised Knapzak products have been designed for wall hanging, as well as for in the rear of delivery lorries. Knapzak has also been designed for the end of racking in distribution centres and supporting segregation at the traditional skip or wheely bin

Knapzak Assessories

Wheel Set
Drip Tray
Name Plate
Coloured Lids

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