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The units are particularly suitable for use with waste that has a predominantly dry content e.g:. cardboard, shrink wrap, strapping, broken pallets, floor sweepings and trim waste etc.
The operational method of these compactors make them ideal for incorporation into a variety of complete waste handling systems.
Standard specification includes auto pinning facility, cycle selector and an internal or external power pack to suit the application.

Benefits of installing a MP14-15 Static Compactor:
Waste volumes leaving site will be reduced by an average ratio of 4:1
Site tidiness and hygiene will be easier to maintain, and wind scatter of waste will be eliminated.
Waste compactors greatly reduce the risk of fire, vandalism and vermin infestation
Compactors installed on medium/high waste producing sites will produce cost savings and short pay back periods (dependent on waste volume)
By reducing waste volumes leaving site, a positive contribution is made to the protection of our environment. Fewer vehicle movements’ result in less pollution reduced congestion, less road damage and reduced disruption on site.
By compacting waste into a container dedicated to a specific site, landfill tax increases will be easier to identify, monitoring of waste movement will be easier to maintain and paper records will be reduced.

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At PRM Waste Systems we are proud of the dedicated product support that we offer. Our team are always happy to answer any questions you may have and will always endeavour to find a solution to your challenge. We offer service and maintenance options for all recycling equipment, not only our own.

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