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The fully automatic baler from Imabe is designed for high capacity baling and to produce high-density bales with minimal labour cost.

In-feed of material, bale compaction, bale tying and ejection are all carried out automatically.

The electrical functions are controlled by the PLC, ensuring trouble free bale production. The baler is equipped with a display, which shows functions, defaults and number of bales produced (process time, number of bales etc.). The automatic tying system requires little maintenance.

The construction of the balers ensures maximum life span, with a design that reduces the wearing of the equipment, therefore decreasing maintenance and spare part costs with the following features:

Highly robust steel frames and including anti-wear steel plates where required.
Precision fitted main ram avoids mechanical imbalances and structural wearing.
The blade and shearing operation distributes stress and increase energy efficiency – reducing the need for a pre-press operation.

Imabe Fully Automatic Channel BalersPowerful Hydraulic System
The hydraulic system is designed to achieve the highest production ratios, the heaviest bales with low energy consumption and low noise generation.

Bale Density
Bale densities are dependent of the specification of the machine and the type of product that is being processed. For example:

Improving Bale Quality
Difficult to bale or poor material quality may require additional mechanical processes in order to improve bale appearance; Imabe are proud to offer the following equipment for this:

Specially designed as a pre conditioner, the Imabe hogger tears material in order to improve bale quality. Ideal for materials such as: newspapers, magazines, pams and cardboard.

A blockage clearing device with a portcullis type action. The stampler works automatically to clear the blockage from the shear blades and pushes material into the chamber.

Rotating blades distribute the material in order to improve bale appearance and quality. Ideal for newspapers, magazines and pams etc.

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