RUNI SK370 Dewatering

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The use of the RUNI SK370 dewatering Screw Compactor for depackaging and liquid separation is a key process in volume and weight reduction of waste products. The process separates liquid from containers in order for the component parts to be recycled and reused.

Typical applications include:
Anaerobic Digestion plants, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, distribution, paper mills, breweries and food & beverage manufacturers. .

The RUNI SK370 Dewatering Screw Compactor offers a highly effective process that can enhance your AD plant producing an additional, valuable feedstock and reducing the weight and volume of the remaining packaging.

RUNI SK370 dewatering
Maximising Revenues
Trials have typically demonstrated a reduction in weight by 50%.

When processing 2.6 tonnes of food waste in plastic packaging, weight reduction was calculated at 54.7%. This equates to 9 Dolav-type bins of waste being reduced to 2 bins.

The Benefits
Increasing feedstock for your Bio Digester
Reducing bin lift costs as a result of the weight and volume reduction
RUNI SK370 dewateringHow it works
The high pressure in a RUNI Screw Compactor is unsurpassed at separating liquids from dry matter. Due to the screw’s high movement, the process is often more efficient and uses less energy than many traditional methods such as centrifuging or heat drying. The liquid is pressed out through a matrix that is specially adapted to the material and the application.

Full or half-empty containers with liquid are compacted and are emptied easily and effectively. Faulty production, test production and returned goods with water, beer, juice, paint, etc. are destroyed immediately and the liquid is collected or led away. The remaining waste takes up less space and is remarkably dry. This often results in lower waste costs and increases the option of selling-on the materials for recycling.

Dewatering Organic Material
For applications where there is not a packaging element, the Vincent Screw Press is more suitable.

Dewatering and liquid extraction is used in a diverse range of applications in order to reduce the liquid content of organic material for further processing; typical applications include paper mills, food manufacturers, pharmaceutical research and dewatering of grass and slurry.

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