Scrap Metal

Scrap is ferrous and non-ferrous metals generally produced from vehicle recycling, product manufacturing and surplus materials.

Grizzly Screen

The Joest Grizzly screen is a primary separator for material feeding into a jaw crusher

Imabe Car Baler & Logging Equipment

End of life vehicles (ELVs) and light, bulky scraps are processed effectively in the large feed chambers found/designed in the Car Balers/Loggers. The balers also feature two pre-crushing flaps and two powerful baling rams.

Car Balers/Loggers

The Imabe Car Baler/ Logger is able to bale and process ELVs without removing…

Imabe Twin Ram Balers

Twin-ram balers are designed for baling difficult product such as hard plastic, cardboard, steel and aluminium cans.
The twin-ram baler has a high throughput with minimal labour cost.
Continuous and fully automatic operation of the baler is controlled by an integrated PLC control system that feeds the material into the hopper, bale…

Industrial Pre Shredder Machinery

The XL Pre Shredder from THM with enormous appetite for all kinds of scrap. The more and the coarser the better. The massive structure of the shredder is designed for the size reduction of the most difficult materials without compromise.

The forged rotor and the extreme robust knives keep cutting…

Mobile Baler Recycling Equipment

The Imabe mobile shear baler features a pre-compression box designed to reduce and contain the volume of material prior to the side ram compressing material and has the following movable parts:

Pre-Compression Side Crushing Ram Pre-Compression Flap Pushing Ram Hold Down (Stampler) Cutting Shear

Sturdy design and high quality are…

Steel Slat Conveyor

Steal slat conveyors are a low-cost, easy maintenance method for transporting various materials.
Based around our proven designs and using quality components we manufacture reliable slat chain conveyors using stainless steel frames, steel slats depending on your requirements.
The conveyors can be used as stand-alone conveyors, full conveyor systems or easily integrated…

TQZ Series

The TQZ is simple in design but sophisticated in its development, the equipment dismantles and liberates the component parts of input material and is suitable for a range of applications including:

– Electric/electronic scrap material
– Cooling systems, freezers
– RDF/MBA scrap
– Biomass
– Special refuse, sprays
– Catalysts

The TQZ Turbo-Crusher is deployed…

Triple Ram Baler

Imabe Three Ram Metal Balers are the best solution to optimise the transport and re-melting process of materials like stampings, new sheet cuttings and loose metals. IMABE Three Ram Balers offer a complete product line for this application and with the standard highly developed hydraulic system the baling cycle has…

Trommel Screen

Trommels are effective at screening multiple materials such as organics, plastics and metals. They can be used to separate large volumes of material with interchangeable screening sections.

Vibrating Feeder

Joest designs and manufactures an extensive range of resonance based feeders which are suitable for a number of applications for the recycling and quarrying industries.

Vibratory Screen Separator Equipment

The JOEST TopSpin is a vibratory screen separator used for the pre-separation of waste which is difficult to screen. Cascade vibratory screening equipment is increasingly used for this process – the advantage is that they screen out long parts with almost no blockages.

The finger cascade screen works on basis…

ZMK Series

The ZMK Series is the granulator for extreme tasks and high throughput. With its large rotor diameter, reinforced housing, extremely solid stator-blade-beam and a rotor that is lined with massive cast wear plates, this granulator is almost up to any task.

The enormous rotor mass creates high torque, which can…