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PRM Waste Systems supply a range of bio-processors that help businesses reduce costs associated with food waste disposal.

Increasingly, our highly adaptable machines are being used in Bio-Refining applications where they serve to condition and stabilise material before onward processing and value recovery.

The P series bio-processors are very simple to use.PRM waste food processing  Inside, waste materials are broken down aerobically – with oxygen and by a special blend of microbes.  Organic matter is aerated during decomposition.  Water and carbon dioxide are released, reducing the volume of material inside the machine.  Within 24 hours, food waste will be turned into a stabilised, low-odour substrate that has reduced by up to 80% of the original volume.  This residue can be used as fuel to supplement a suitable biomass unit or put to other uses such as soil enrichment. It can also be sent to AD

If you are creating ‘free fuel’, this is fed directly into your biomass boiler to create hot water and heating, reducing the cost of disposal to near zero.

The process is controlled by our exclusive Jem Adaptive Logic ™ which intelligently maintains a unique blend of microbes specially optimised to break down your organic materials. This allows for very effective, robust and efficient operation.

Proudly designed and built in the U.K, delivering outstanding performance and efficiency. MIB Vertical logo stacked - Top - South West




What can be put into a Bio-Processor?

The bio-processors are able to deal with all general food waste from preparation to plate scrapings. They are also capable of processing compostable packaging, such as the packaging from Planglow. Find out more here

Available in a size to suit your site

P250 Bio-Processor

P500 Bio-Processor

P1000 Bio-Processor


For more information on the Bio-Processor

Download the PRM Bio-Processor Flyer here. 


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